FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I trust you?

We have a big history and positive feedbacks on both eBay and this platforms. You can check them by clicking on the links upon, and last but not least you can contact us (no robots or bot, we hate them :D) via DM (Whatsapp chat, in the right bottom corner) and via email (Contact us). We will always be available for any question and clarification.


Why your store is better than the others?

Before being sellers, we are players. We know what players want and we always do our best to satisfy our customers' requests. We build a friendship with our customers (especially thanks to our Whatsapp chat) and that's why all of them always come back for a second, third and forth purchase. Contrary to other stores, shops and ecommerce, we always test the code before sending it out, in this way we are always 100% sure that our customers will be happy and ready to enjoy the product in-game!


How much time do you need to send me a code?

We are not that type of websites where codes will be sent automatically by a robot, we are a living-human-service that checks codes before sending it out (so we are 100% sure that the code will work when you receive it in your hand).
It can take from 5 minutes to 8 hours (always check your email after the purchase), depending if we are sleeping (yea, we need to rest sometimes ahahaha).


Can you explain better how can I earn money from your website?

The full guide can be found by clicking here. Anyway, it is easier than it looks:

  1. You request a discount coupon (with your name, for example Ninja222)
  2. You share this discount coupon with your friends/followers;
  3. They use this discount coupon during the checkout;
  4. They receive a 5% discount on the total order and you earn this 5% as real-money profit;
  5. We can send you the money via PayPal whenever you wish;


How do I use my earned points?

As you can see in the bottom left corner of the website, there is a gift box which will grant you amazing rewards in exchange of points. Points are earned after each purchase and these can be used in the following way:

  1. Click on the Gift box in the bottom left corner
  2. Click on "Ways to redeem"
  3. Choose "Order discount" or "% discount"
  4. Redeem the reward
  5. Copy the code during the checkout to receive the discount

Redeem rewards on FortniteCodes.Shop


Are your codes original?

All of our codes are 100% genuine, original, legit and real! After 2 years of experience in this field, none of our customers ever complained, no one ever got banned and everyone always come back after their first purchase! That's what we want: your fidelity and support.


The codes you are selling will be in game shop?

We cannot guarantee that our skins (or Fortnite's items) will never be in the official game daily shop. This depends on Fortnite's decisions - We can't read the future and we don't know if one day our skins will be in the Fortnite shop.


Do I need a Xbox One to activate the Xbox One skins?

"If I don't have a Xbox One console can I activate an exclusive Xbox One skin (for example Eon, Dark Vertex, Rogue Spider Knight, etc.) on my Epic Games account?"
With us you can activate a Xbox One code on your Fortnite account even if you do not own a Xbox One console. We are offering this service for only a few bucks (or Euros) on our product page "Xbox Skins Activation Service". All the details can be found on the link upon.


Shipment cost for multiple purchases?

If you buy more than one item from our physical products page the shipping costs will only be charged only one time depending from the place of destination. For example, if you buy 3 Fortnite's keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, the shipping costs will only be charged once. That's why is always better to buy more than 1 physical product :D


For any other question feel free to contact us!